About Us

Who We Are

When we cook up and eat our meals at home or outdoors, something special happens. This is something that we can never find – not in precisely the same way – when we take our dining elsewhere, when we venture outside our homes and our patios and entrust the cooking to other people. Restaurants may seem like a fine idea at the time, but at Revel Cooking, we know that there is nothing like dining in or firing up the grill and hosting dinner parties or a good old-fashioned cookout.
At home, you know what you are getting, and you know who is going to be there right by your side. This is why we celebrate home cooking at Revel Cooking, raising up all of the wonderful and all of the joyful togetherness that is never far from reach when we are in kitchens and dining rooms that we can proudly call our own. Satisfying, delicious, and always just what you want it to be – your best meal is the one that you cook at home.
All you need is confidence in yourself as a cook and invitations for all of your friends and family. Then, you can turn to Revel Cooking, knowing that we are going to take care of the rest for you. We are the partner you need for all your home-cooked meals!
Whether it is you and your partner, you and all your friends, or you and your family reuniting for the holidays, let Revel Cooking join you. Together, we can make even the most enthralling home cooking even better – and ignite your inner chef!

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise up the home-cooked meal and the classic cookout as the examples of fun and togetherness that we know them to be. We want to guide more and more people toward the joy and satisfaction that awaits all of us in the comfort of our own homes. Because people are dining in or firing up their grills more frequently anyway, we figure why not make it simple. We aim to serve as your guide throughout your home-cooking journey.

Our Values

As a brand, we are standing up for all that home cooking and grilling can be. This may seem like a run-of-the-mill topic to some people, but to us, it is everything. You can discover a whole new world in your kitchen and on your patio and in your dining room, breaking through all of the distractions and humdrum experiences that could await you if you chose to head off to a restaurant instead. Toward this end, the values we believe in at Revel Cooking and that we believe you can foster at home are:

Unending fun
Passion for cooking
Happiness and joy
Unity, friendship, and togetherness

Our Vision

We are going to change the way that people think about home-cooking and old-fashioned barbecues, serving as your guide as you make your way through the kitchen and beyond.

Supporting Kiva

We support Kiva, a charity that empowers entrepreneurs and small business owners worldwide in order to create opportunities for them to take charge of their lives and improve their financial situations. This is an issue that is close to our hearts because of the power that we know business success can have for those who would otherwise remain left out of the economy.

Re-inventing a portion of our profits, we make a concerted effort to provide loans to people who cannot access the financial services that they need.  Because we are passionate about food and cooking, we specifically look to donate to people in this trade.  This is a sustainable, long-term charitable effort that not only helps people in the short term but also facilitates long-term thinking and community development.